Don’t read any further if you don’t want to know the ending to Inception.

For those of you that have already seen it, at the very end of the movie, when the top is spinning and looks like it might wobble, the question is left open as to whether Leo (“Cobb”) is in reality, or in yet another dream. You can (and I probably will) argue endlessly over whether he’s in a dream or reality.

But suppose Cobb is in yet another dream. As long as he doesn’t know that he’s in a dream, would it really be that bad for him to live out his existence convinced he’s in reality? As far as we know, this dream isn’t papering over a massive injustice like in the Matrix, nor is he consciously attempting to hide from his problems (Vanilla Sky, blech). If you believe that your reality is “real”, and everyone around you is willing to share in this commonly agreed upon interpretation of reality, then it’s not really any different from our normal lives. We could all be living in our own dream worlds, for all we know. The only problem occurs when reality intrudes upon your dream. But as long as that never happens-as long as you never have the “Inception” that your reality may in fact be a dream-then I think it’s a happy ending for Leo, whether he’s in reality or not.


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One Response to Inception-SPOILER ALERT!

  1. bobozou says:

    the explanation i like best…

    the top was not HIS totem… it was his wife’s… so the question then is… what was his totem?

    supposedly, his character is wearing a wedding band in every scene but the last one… haven’t seen it myself… but if true, that would make sense

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