Country Churches

This week, I happened to be driving through rural Georgia for work. Whenever I drive through the rural South, I notice all of the small churches that seem to exist every mile or so. Most of these church buildings can’t hold more than fifty people. I wonder as I drive by these churches what it would be like to be a member there (for some reason, I think I have a better handle on what the large suburban and large urban churches are like, because I’ve attended quite a few of them, although I recognize that this is just false stereotyping on my part). Are they spirit-filled? Or are the church-members just going through the motions? What is it that brought the pastor out to this remote location?

Even if I was ever going to move to a rural part of the US (extremely unlikely) and then attend one of these small churches, I still would never know what goes on in all of the churches I drive by. The life experiences of those church members, like those of so many others, are irreparably alienated from my own. In lieu of spending time thinking about what their lives are like, I should focus on my own and live in the moment. But I still can’t help wondering.


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God have mercy on me, a sinner.
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