Osama is dead

As you may know, the United States Armed Forces have apparently assisted Osama Bin Laden in shuffling off this mortal coil. My initial reaction was unabashed joy-I liked all the facebook statii celebrating his death and I thought about tweeting something like “Osama’s death is a great capper to a fantastic weekend” or something similarly celebratory.

But after a bit of reflection, I can’t be happy that Osama is dead. Yes, it’s necessary; yes, I hope it inflicts a crippling blow on Al Qaeda; yes, it’s a just outcome.

But at the same time, another human being has died. Joy feels like the wrong reaction. I’m sad that Osama lived the life that he did. I’m sad that his death became necessary. I’m sad that I initially felt joyful at his passing. I’m sad that we live in a fallen world.


About irreparabiletempus

God have mercy on me, a sinner.
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