The first in a series of brief and obvious posts

My life is too complicated and full of ambiguities, compromises and sin (in my mind, at least) to really explain to other people, so instead I tell (most) others what I perceive to be socially acceptable snapshots that essentially summarize the basics of what’s gone on in my life. I assume everyone else does likewise, and I recognize that this is not really an original thought.

One thing that makes me grasp onto eternity though, and fear becoming extinguished, is the idea that my internal life that I don’t share with others will be lost forever if this life is really all there is. Maybe that’s shallow and egocentric of me-thinking that my internal life is unique when really it may be entirely mundane and no more unique than the internal lives of billions of other human beings who have existed and will exist in the future-but I have to admit if I’m being totally honest that it does give me an incentive to believe in the afterlife.


About irreparabiletempus

God have mercy on me, a sinner.
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