So when I thought about supporting Obama during the ’08 election, my main reason was the same one that’s causing me to thinking about supporting Romney in ’12-he seems really smart.

I guess I should’ve realized ptherwise:

The president said the $5 per month charge “is exactly why we need somebody whose sole job it is to prevent this kind of stuff from happening” and noted that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the type of strong watchdog agency the U.S. needs to crack down on cases like this.

If a bank charges its customers too many fees, there’s an easy solution that doesn’t require a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau-the customers can just leave. Seriously, if you can’t figure out enough finance stuff to leave a bank when it starts charging you excessive fees, you should keep your money under your pillow.

I understand that it’s popular to bash banks these days, but there are many smarter ways to do it-this is really dumb.


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