Chris Paul and the Lakers

So I’d pretty much have to turn in my NBA fan card if I don’t write something about the Chris Paul trade to the Lakers being vetoed by the NBA. While if I was the Hornets GM I would’ve focused on getting younger players (Gasol and Odom I think are both 31), it’s still possible that they could flip Gasol and Odom for younger players and it could work out. Anyways, it was certainly arguable that the Hornets got good value for Chris Paul-Odom and Gasol were the 2nd and 3rd best players on 2 NBA championship teams, and you’re never going to get fair value for the league’s best point guard.

But let’s suppose I’m wrong. Let’s suppose the Chris Paul trade wasn’t fair to the Hornets. If that’s the case, then as the owners of the Hornets, the NBA should’ve told Demps they want more in the negotiating process, not waited until the deal was finalized to say no. Even if the league thinks the Lakers are unfairly advantaged by this trade (keep in mind the trade would’ve left the Lakers with 1 quality NBA frontcourt player-the oft-injured Andrew Bynum), it still should’ve let it go through. It’s let way more unbalanced trades go through (Pau Gasol for Kwame Brown comes to mind, as does Sam Cassell and an unprotected Minnesota first round pick for Marko Jaric). The NBA can’t save teams from dumb owners, and it shouldn’t try. But most of all, it shouldn’t try selectively just when it’s pressured by other owners who don’t want the Lakers to benefit.

Also, am I alone in thinking Houston really got screwed as well? With Gasol, and room to make another max offer once they amnesty Thabeet, they could’ve gotten the Gasol brothers to dominate the paint to go with Kyle Lowery, then they would have a team that could be a serious contender.


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