As some of you may know, I enjoy pointing out when others make “self-calls”-i.e., when they say something, true or not, that draws attention to themselves in a positive way (oftentimes, I indulge in this preference to my detriment).

Generally, I don’t think self-calls add much positive good to society-most of the good that can be gained from pointing out positive accomplishments should be done by pointing out the positive accomplishments of others rather than claiming credit for yourself.

But I was thinking about Bill Gates and his billionaire club-and how he’s basically using the social pressure of his own example of giving away a lot of money to get others to give as well. I wonder if self-calls could possibly function like that.

But that’s a theoretical world-in the world around me, I see self-calls functioning almost purely for self-promotion.


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God have mercy on me, a sinner.
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One Response to Self-Call

  1. jadanzzy says:

    i ban the “self-call” yelp. ban!

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