Gripping Aspirin Tightly Between My Knees*

Rick Santorum:

“Many of Christian faith have said, ‘Well, that’s OK. Contraception is OK,’” he said. “It’s not OK. It’s a license to do things in the sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be. … If it’s not for purposes of procreation, then you diminish this very special bond between men and women.”

So Santorum thinks contraception is not OK, even for married people. Of course, he’s in line with the Catholic Church’s teaching in believing this.

I would just like to take Santorum’s statement, and the Catholic Church’s view, to its logical end-point. If sex is not for the purpose of procreation, then it’s “counter to how things are supposed to be.” So in this case, a young couple that just got married and isn’t ready to have children 9 months after their wedding night should…abstain. Until they’re ready to have kids. Then, as soon as the woman is pregnant…time to abstain again. After all, you can’t get more pregnant! If there’s any period when the woman isn’t fertile due to her cycle…time to abstain. And then, when the women reaches a certain age when reproduction isn’t biologically possible anymore…more abstention, this time for the rest of the marriage (and the rest of her life).

Supposing either member of the marriage happens to have a medical problem that prevents conception-impotence for the man, infertility for the woman-then no sex for that couple!

I don’t see how the rhythm method-as flawed as it is-gets Santorum or the Catholic Church out of this either. If you’re using the rhythm method, then you’re trying not to use sex for procreation. How is that any different from a condom? There’s really a huge moral difference between avoiding procreational sex with a piece of plastic versus avoiding procreational sex with a calendar?

I see (and agree with) the Christian argument against premarital sex. I even see how the Catholic Church thinks its stance against birth control bolsters its stance against premarital sex (I disagree there tho-though I think premarital sex is wrong, I think those people who are having it should try their best to avoid children if they don’t want them, and in fact just today advised an unmarried friend on birth control options). But the “no contraception for married people” stance I think is just ridiculous.

*click here if you don’t get the aspirin reference.


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