Recently I was hanging out with some friends who are nominally Christian, but freely admit that they don’t hold to certain basic points of Christian doctrine, largely because those points are inconvenient for their current lifestyles. They even thought it was strange and a bit old fashioned that I still hold onto these particular points.

I have to admit, I felt superior to them for a bit in conversation because I do hold to those doctrinal points. But in reality, while I’m not particularly in danger of sinning in those same areas, there are so many other areas of my life where I proclaim with my mouth the Christian doctrine, but my actions are not noticeably Christian. Am I really that much better for being a hypocrite and keeping on saying that I believe while my actions say otherwise?

There is something to be said for saying “Lord, I believe-help my unbelief” or admitting that “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” But it’s really quite silly to be proud of my hypocrisy.


About irreparabiletempus

God have mercy on me, a sinner.
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