It’s been a while…

since I last blogged. I wouldn’t be surprised if most (all?) of my readers are gone, but this is mainly a place where I work out my own thoughts anyways. The blog may get a bit personal/theological for a while-election year politics are too depressing to blog about, so I’ll just go stream-of-consciousness.

-On a Friday evening two weeks ago, I received some quite bad news of a personal nature right before going to our weekly church prayer meeting, and some quite good news right after the prayer meeting. Sandwiched in between those 2 pieces of news, someone at the prayer meeting mentioned that a mutual friend, after going through a series of tough times and reaching a resolution to a series of his problems (familial, financial and romantic) all of a sudden seemed far more “alive” than he had in the past. I recognize that this is a real human phenomenon, and I don’t expect myself or anyone else to necessarily (pretend to) be happy during difficult times, but I think it’s a reasonable goal for myself to be fully “alive” no matter the circumstances.

-Of course, the week immediately after this, I spent a lot of time meditating on the bad personal news I had received, and my mood in social situations would probably be best described as “morose.”

-The Grey-a really good movie you should all see.

-Amazing Spiderman-a pretty good movie, still worth seeing (better than Spiderman 1 and 3 of the Tobey Maguire set).

-One last thing-if people ever ask me why I’m volunteering or something like that, I usually mumble something about “just wanting to help” or say that it’s convenient for me to do so given where I live. After some consideration, I’ve decided that those responses are a false modesty-that I really am giving them because I want people to think well of me-that I’m the type of person who cares about others. Instead, I should be straightforward and honest-there’s nothing particularly good about me that causes me to volunteer. Any good I can do for others is merely Christ working through me, and any evil I do is a result of my sin nature.


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God have mercy on me, a sinner.
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