so maybe I lied when I said this blog would be more personal and not as political

Apparently Obama has decided to attack Romney for outsourcing jobs to other countries.

Leaving aside the economic case for outsourcing, that it benefits all parties, including the American economy-(and note that this case is quite obvious to even the most liberal economists)-the moral case for outsourcing is even stronger.

Let’s suppose that outsourcing does cause some (short-term) suffering among certain sets of American workers. Necessarily, outsourcing benefits workers from far poorer countries. For these workers, a job is not merely a quality of life issue, but often the only means to feed their family. It may mean the difference between their children living and dying from lack of funds for health care. IF liberalism, progressivism, or internationalism means anything, it has to mean solidarity with the suffering poor overseas, right? Especially when such solidarity does not involve paternalistic aid, but rather merely allowing the international poor to pull themselves up with a job that would not be otherwise available. Romney should be PRAISED for creating opportunities for impoverished workers overseas, whatever his motivation.

People wonder why I still vote Republican, despite the homophobia, occasional race-baiting, etc. It’s because it disgusts me even more that Democrats are willing to exploit xenophobia to yank food out of the mouths of the international poor, who live on far less money per day than even the poorest American citizens. Yes, I know that Obama knows better, and won’t really do that much to stop outsourcing, just as Bush knew better and didn’t really want to pass a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. It doesn’t make it less disgusting.

Sigh. This is how bad the campaign’s already gotten-I’m defending Romney.


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