series of random thoughts

-some studies show that only about 15-20% of soldiers actually attempt to kill members of the opposing force during battle. i think this is about the same % as those who sing audibly in most church services.

-part of the reason i don’t like to disclose my inner thoughts/feelings to others in small groups is they are very mutable and whatever i share may very well change by the next week, so there is no need for you to worry about it. (n.b.-what i share here is pretty superficial compared to most of my actual emotions. hope no one is shocked)

-i wonder if the higher incidence of lactose intolerance in east asians is a result of the relative rarity of dairy products in asian foods, or is a genetic deal, but i’m too lazy to research this issue.

-i had a really vivid dream in which someone came and murdered me and my two roommates while we were in a house. my first thought upon waking up was that i need to get an alarm system, but now i think that’s silly.

-sometimes i think sincerely trying to live life in our (post)modern society as a christian is something like playing a sport with one hand tied behind your back. there are so many restrictions, and i think that (nearly) all christians make their peace with secular society and compromise in different areas (while judging others’ compromises, of course). it’s worth it though :).


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God have mercy on me, a sinner.
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