2 quick stories I have to tell before I sleep

1. The summer before my first year of law school, I spent about a month and half working in Nashville. My youth group leader at the time kept egging me on to go with him to play soccer with some Sudanese refugees and recent Hispanic immigrants at the apartment complex where they lived.

To be honest, I was not enthusiastic about it: I’m a mediocre athlete at best, but an especially bad soccer player. A lot of times my youth group leader and I would be the only players from our church there, and most of the guys we played with were older and from an entirely different culture than me-as an established introvert, I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Still, I came, mostly because I hate disappointing authority figures in my life, and by the end of the summer we had a big group of consistent players from my church and from the Sudanese and Hispanic immigrants that lived at the apartment complex.

I left for law school in August, and didn’t think much more of my time playing soccer.

2. About 8 months after I graduated from law school, a friend kept asking me to come to this conference on various social justice causes at his church. I resisted, mainly because his church was about 25 miles from where I lived at the time, but eventually I caved in, and came very late to the conference (I got there for the last 90 minutes of an 8 hour conference). One of the last speakers led an organization devoted to fighting human trafficking in India, and I was fascinated by the work his organization did. I went up and talked to him afterwards, one thing led to another, and eventually I drafted two memos comparing and evaluating anti-human trafficking laws across the world to help him prepare for a meeting to discuss which anti-human trafficking laws to push in India.

After drafting those memos, I kept in touch with the speaker and the organization only sporadically, and didn’t do any more work for them for a while.

*fast-forward to present*

1(a). It turns out that the soccer league that my youth group leader started has expanded, and now encompasses hundreds of players, both immigrants and native Nashvillians, and has an annual league with trophies and everything. It’s been a huge success as an outreach ministry.

2(a). It turns out that the organization were able to use my memos not only to influence Indian law, but also (which was unforeseen by both me and the organization at the time) to get a large grant from Google in order to further prosecute sex trafficking in India. Now the organization is using the grant to expand its anti-human trafficking work, and lots of US lawyers and law students are getting ready to assist them in the legal battle against human trafficking. I have gotten involved again, but I’m only a tiny piece of the puzzle-most of the other lawyers involved are far more experienced than me. I’m encouraged to see all the resources expended in the fight for justice.

God is faithful.


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