Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

I was amused to see this author make the case that “having sex before marriage is the best choice for nearly everyone” without even considering the religious or moral arguments against premarital sex.

Now, I take seriously her happiness and healthiness case for premarital sex-the studies seem legit, and it certainly seems reasonable to think that regular sex makes you happier and healthier, all other things being equal. I suppose her answer to any guilt that someone would feel after having premarital sex is that it’s good for you, so you shouldn’t feel guilty-sexuality is an appetite that it’s healthier to satisfy in a reasonable fashion much like food.

In return, it seems only reasonable that she should take seriously the idea that religious humans would have higher priorities beyond satisfying physical appetites-that if you believe in a spiritual world and eternity, then the happiness that comes from premarital sex is but a drop in the bucket compared to other possibilities that a deity may have in store for you.

But that would require her to take the arguments against premarital sex seriously.


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